Traffic engineers need to find hotspots

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

One way to reduce traffic congestion is to use computer programs to identify hotspots, and then focus analysis on those locations. Costa Rica has just been given a computer program to do just that for crime statistics.

There are two readily available data sets for traffic analysis. First, reports of accidents, and second, far more powerful, the data from Waze! There are several computer programs that can identify glitches in information flow, such as reported slowdowns or congestion, and even provide analysts with day of the week and time of day.

For example, the corner by the Agencia Renault on Route 106, leading to the entrance to the pista, has a traffic light that has been set to blink since it was installed several years ago. Traffic coming off the pista is constantly jammed as far back as a kilometer or more. Turning it on with correct timing will ease the problem.

There are many such hotspots that simply need identification plus a little ingenuity to fix.

John French
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