Turrialba volcano will not go quietly

The Turrialba volcano is letting everyone know that it is not going back to sleep quietly.

The mountain erupted late Wednesday night and continued to do so through Thursday morning.

Observing scientists said that the plume of ash and vapor rose 2,000 meters above the volcano crater. That was estimated to be about 5,300 feet above sea level by the Observatorio Vulcanológico y Sismológico de Costa Rica at the Universidad Nacional.

Ash was reported in Santa Lucía de Barva, Santo Domingo de Heredia, San Francisco de Heredia, Tibás, perhaps Moravia, Cariari, Pococí and Guarco, said the Observatorio, adding that the smell of sulphur was detected in La Sabana, Alajuelita, Escazú and San Rafael de Coronado.

The ash knocked out some power because it can cause short curcuits at the insulators of major power lines, said the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad. The state power company has 44 persons working in the area. This has been a continuing problem.

The renewed activity in the volcano has officials thinking twice about some of the farms close to the mountain. Thursday they evacuated horses, cows, chickens and dogs from the Finca La Margarita, which is within the two-kilometer prohibited zone.

The Servicio Nacional de Salud Animal said that the animals were relocated in good condition. The animal health agency and the Fuerza Pública served eviction papers on the property owners at the direction of the Comisión Nacional de Emergencia.

The Vulcán Turrialba lets off another eruption.

The Vulcán Turrialba lets off another eruption.

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