Two stars join Sea Shepherd for turtle film

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society supporters Richard Dean Anderson and Holly Marie Combs are lending their names as producers on the company’s crowd-funded documentary feature “Why Just One?”

The documentary follows Sea Shepherd’s 2015 sea turtle defense campaign, Operation Jairo, which took place in Honduras, Florida and Costa Rica. “Why Just One?” focuses specifically on the sea turtle defenders’ successes and struggles of the ground campaign in Costa Rica.

The Costa Rican campaign takes place on Pacuare Island and Playa Moín, the latter where Costa Rican turtle defender Jairo Mora Sandoval was brutally murdered May 31, 2013, while attempting to protect leatherback turtle nests. Sea Shepherd named Operation Jairo in his honor.

From death threats to attacks, from protecting sea turtles and their eggs, to interviews with Costa Rican activists and Sandoval’s best friend, ‘Why Just One?” seeks to answer the question of why only one in one thousand sea turtles survive to maturity.

The documentary also looks to answer why sea turtles are disappearing from the beaches of Costa Rica.

“This species which has survived so much, may not survive us,” commented Sea Shepherd founder Capt. Paul Watson.

Executive producer Anderson, a close friend of Watson who is best known to fans in the title role of the hit TV series “MacGyver,” says he hopes the film will bring worldwide attention to the heart-breaking plight of sea turtles.

“My support for Captain Paul Watson, and the hearty hordes of volunteers who make up the crews venturing out to sea, has exposed me to the kind of on-going education that continues to enlighten me, both head and heart,” said Anderson. “It is my hope, as executive producer, that this documentary will shed a bright light on a dire situation, and proceed to enlighten all of us to care about these endangered turtles, as well as all of our earth’s marine life.

Associate producer Combs, who came to prominence on the TV series “Charmed” and currently appears on “Pretty Little Liars,” added:

“I became a Sea Shepherd supporter a few years ago when I learned of their amazing work defending the oceans and her inhabitants. Sea Shepherd has shined an international spotlight on the slaughter of dolphins in Japan and the documentary ‘Why Just One?’ will bring that same international spotlight on the poaching of sea turtles in Costa Rica. I look forward to many more years of working with the courageous and dedicated volunteers of Sea Shepherd.”

The film reached its initial funding on Indiegogo in less that 24 hours and has backers from over 40 counties. It is scheduled for release in July.

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