Volunteer police turn out for a show of force at Parque la Sabana

Parque la Sabana has been the center of the capital’s outdoor recreation for years. The former international airport hosts running events, soccer, volleyball, basketball, kite-flying, aerobics and skating, among other activities.

But things have not been well there. Over the last 15 years more and more crime has taken place in the park to the extent that some runners decline to go there. The park certainly is unsafe at dusk and in the night.

Sunday is a day of families, youngsters and picnics in the park, and the Fuerza Pública put on a show of force with its newly reorganized reserves. Some 30 uniformed police volunteers took to the park Sunday morning to augment the mounted officers who usually patrol the sprawling area.

They did not have long to wait for a problem. A young skater fell and may have broken her arm.

The Reserva de la Fuerza Pública also has a medical component, and some officers quickly took charge of the situation. The 11 year old and her grandmother soon were off to the Hospital National de Niños.

The Sunday show of force also had a publicity aspect. The

Ministerio de Seguridad Pública seeks more members for the reserves.

Those who are chosen and complete basic police training promise to work as officers for 20 hours a month. The ministry swore in a number of new officers recently, and officials are looking for more use for reservists. The volunteer officers usually turn out for such events as parades and other scheduled events.

Officers attend girl with a possible broken arm

Officers attend girl with a possible broken arm

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