Chamber consortium rips fuel monopoly

A consortium of 23 commercial and industrial chambers has issued a blistering critique of the state refinery. The organization seeks to open the motor fuel market to other vendors.

The  consortium is the  Cámaras de Comercio y Asociaciones Empresariales de Costa Rica, which says it includes representation from chambers of commerce, industry, agriculture, services and tourism.

The chamber said in a statement that it supports an action of unconstitutionality against the contract that the  Refinadora Costarricense de Petróleo S.A. has with its union. The original legal action came from the Cámara de Industrias .

Benefits provided the refinery union under the agreement are considered excessive, and the constitutional court suit claims they also violate the fundamental rights of consumers and users.

The chamber consortium also said that Costa Rica urgently needs a free market for fuel. The refinery now is a state monopoly, and fuel prices are the highest in the region.

The refinery as a state monopoly does not represent the best interests of the citizenry, said the statement.

The price of fuel hurts the countries competitivity, productivity and development of the country, it added. The statement also urged that roadways be improved.

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