Couple in Tibás latest drug war victims

A gunman killed a couple who were sitting in a car in Cuatro Reinas de Tibás Monday morning.

Investigators attributed the killing to a dispute over drugs. The dead man was identified by the last name of  Paredes. He was a Colombian native naturalized as a Costa Rican, they said.

The couple were in the car parked outside the man’s apartment when the killer struck. Police searched the living quarters later Monday and found what appeared to be a kilo of cocaine.

Both victims were shot in the back of the head, suggesting that whoever did it was in the rear seat of the vehicle.

The woman, a mother from Limón was identified by the last name of Salazar. Investigators suggested she was killed with one bullet to the back of the head to keep her from identifying the murderer.  Paredes suffered three small-caliber bullet wounds to the head.

The victims appear to have been taken by surprise. Investigators found a handgun near the driver’s seat.

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