Executive branch lays groundwork for action on tax bills

The executive branch has designated 75 proposed laws to the legislature for possible action during August when the president sets the agenda.

Many are bills that have been in the legislative hopper for long periods. Casa Presidencial said that among the bills those addressing taxes have a priority.

One is the bill against tax fraud. Others are a bill that would establish a value-added tax and one that increases the tax rate on income.

But there also is a bill authorizing telecommuting for government workers and some that would authorize the building of new hospitals in Cartago, Turrialba and Golfito.

The tax bills have been stuck in committee for nearly the entire time that Luis Guillermo Solís has been in office.

The Costa Rica Constitution authorizes the legislature to meet from May 1 to July 31 and from Sept. 1 to Nov. 30. At other times the president has the power to call the lawmakers into session. Originally this was for emergencies, but in modern times, lawmaker meet almost all year round with some of the agendas in the hands of Casa Presidencial.

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