Expat’s project is to create clinics for diabetics

A long-time expat is trying to bring the benefits of a new diabetes treatment to Costa Rica. He is  Norman Sklar, who said he is seeking quality sponsors to pay for treatment clinics here.

The idea is fairly revolutionary although the concept has long been considered. This is the artificial pancreas that picks up where the body of the diabetes sufferer fails. The device pumps pulses of insulin into patients in a clinical setting, and this jump starts the liver to produce enzymes otherwise absent or dramatically reduced in both type 1 and type 2 diabetics, according to Sklar.

Sklar said the treatment would save money for hospitals and patients alike. Now the usual treatment is either pills or insulin shots, depending on the severity of the patient’s problem.

Sklar said he received an enthusiastic reception when he presented the concept to medical professional here. He also seeks to inform the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social, the nation’s health provider.

The so-called artificial pancreas treatment is getting good reviews in the United States where the device used to infuse the insulin already has approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

Patients only have to visit the clinic for treatment two to four times a month. Proponents of the method point out that under the treatment the body really heals itself.

Diabetes can cause sufferers to lose feeling in the limbs, suffer failing eyesight and in extreme cases undergo amputations. The treatment also is supposed to help heal diabetes wounds and reduce blood pressure.

Sklar notes that he is an agent for a large U.S. lender that could provide bridge loans to carry a clinic project to completion. He said he already has candidates for the medical staff positions at such clinics. He can be reached at  nconetrust26@gmail.com.

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