Government says it will invest $40 million in two sports centers

The Solís administration plans to invest $40 million into two sport complexes. One will be in Parque de la Paz in southern San José, and the other will be in Parque la Sabana.

The avowed purposes of the projects are to democratize sports and to promote recreation and competition.

The bulk of the money will be borrowed. The projects are under the jurisdiction of the Instituto Costarricense de Deportes. Officials outlined the specifics Monday.

The Parque de la Paz is on both sides of the Circunvalación highway. There the plan is to build a $13.5 million center for inside sports, such as basketball, karate, judo, small-scale soccer games and similar. There also will be living quarter for athletes

who are in training as well as a sports store, a gym, a restaurant and a training center, said the announcement.

The proposed facility in La Sabana is being called an aquatic center. There already is an Olympic-size pool there, but this was not mentioned in the announcement. The project will cost about $25 million and will be very similar to the private Costa Rican Tennis Club across the street. A graphic showed the facility sitting adjacent to the Caldera highway, Ruta 27, in the general location where the pool now is.

As reflected in its name, the aquatic center will focus on swimming, diving, synchronized swimming, water polo, scuba diving, triathlon  and water therapies, said the announcement.

Construction of both facilities are scheduled to start next year with delivery in 2018, said the announcement.

The facility for proposed for La Sabana and the one proposed for Parque de la Paz

The facility for proposed for La Sabana and the one proposed for Parque de la Paz

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