He is weeping for the United States

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

As a simple retired common person and veteran, here’s my personal reaction to Hillary and Bill’s actions of the past couple of weeks!

I honestly feel that the Clintons and Obama believe, and likely are, above the laws of the land, and, of course, us common folks. Bill’s meeting with the attorney general, Hillary’s response to the FBI interview, and now the ride to Florida on Air Force One, tell me that they are actually thumbing their noses at the rest of us, you news folks included!

I would love to watch a recording of Barack Obama and Hillary on the trip to Florida. They are likely sitting around drinking liquor that is beyond my budget, snacking on expensive treats, and laughing! Presumed conversation would be “Those actual citizen voters have no clue that they cannot do anything about our agenda.”

Remember this, the Democracy in the USA no longer exists, I saw that seven years ago, and moved to Costa Rica! Y’all get exactly what you deserve!

Hillary leaves no electronic evidence, much less a paper trail, Obama has none (all sealed), and there is no actual hard copy of voting records for a human recount! No one can prove anything in this century, and the Democrats and Republicans have arranged this for their own personal grips on power.

I support Mr. Trump, as he may actually poke a finger in the eye of political correctness, which I believe to be the root of most of your problems.

I weep for the U.S.A. that I was raised to believe in!
Glenn Klima

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