Injured toucan will become a star of an Animal Planet documentary

The once-disabled toucan that received a new beak goes on television next month on the Animal Planet network. The bird was the victim of someone who chopped most of the upper beak from its face. The beak, of course, is a principal tool of a toucan and is used to capture fruits and other foods.

The documentary follows the effort to rehabilitate the bird by providing a prosthesis that was created by 3-D printing. The  animal rescuers and veterinarians credited Charles W. Hull of 3D Systems for working with product designers, dentists and engineers to construct the artificial upper beak. The bird has been kept at  Zooave animal refuge center in Alajuela and named Grecia.

Animal Planet is a unit of Discovery Communications, and it appears that the documentary will be broadcast in English and Spanish in the first few days of August.

The documentary credit’s the injury to the bird with generating popular support for an animal rights bill, but there have been other atrocities that also have contributed, including the recent case of Duke, a dog that was slashed across the muzzle by a machete. Still the bill is in limbo in the legislature.

The rehabilitated toucan appears almost normal

The rehabilitated toucan appears almost normal

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