Landlady reports on concerned tenants

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

Since you mentioned the fact that an Escazú landlord rented a unit in your lead article referring to our conversation this week I thought you might like to get some real facts along with an example of emails we receive below.

The government of Costa Rica over the last few years has not been helpful in encouraging new arrivals who have the ability to pay for rental units. However, we have noted that there has been increase in North American seniors contacting us for relocation since the problems there.  Even our close friend who is world famous physics professor told us on his visit last week it is starting to concern him about his safety in Boston.

We rented a unit is Con Casa complex to a single woman who advised she could not longer live in New York, and a retired fellow from Long Island who was fed up with the U. S. rented a unit here in Escazú. They all mention the opinion that the place of their birth is not a happy place.  Another visited with me to discuss several acres he bought some years ago in Orotina and that his current location in Nashville is making him leery of staying any longer.
Lic. Angela Jiménez Rocha

Ms.  Jiménez provided a copy of a typical email:

My name is Charles. I am a senior widower. I currently living in the U.S. I am looking to retire somewhat south of here. I would like any time before September. I am single non smoker or drinker. I don’t do parties.  How much do utilities usually run. I am seeking long-time rental.   Thank you very much

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