Librarians are charting their future

The country’s library system, like others elsewhere, is trying to find itself after having been buffeted by the internet explosion.

A German expert,  Dirk Wissen, spoke to librarians this week in Heredia, said the Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud that supervises the system. The goal was to come up with plans that make libraries more attractive to the public.

Wissen stressed promotion, according to a ministry summary.

Most expats probably do not know that there are community libraries all over the country as part of the Sistema Nacional de Bibliotecas. But the libraries are far outclassed by fast food outlets in promoting themselves to residents. Wissen presented a number of outreach ideas that might promote the institutions.

Libraries have been eclipsed by other government agencies in providing internet hookups and places where residents can go online. In fact, the central government is in the process of providing computers and internet hookups for 140,000 low-income homes.

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