Milk: Fast, fast relief from that chile pepper pain

This week University of New Mexico experts came out with a major finding. They determined that milk was the best way to stop the burning from eating chile peppers. They discounted the effects of water or alcohol. A close second to milk are sugar and bread, the researchers determined scientifically.

This is an important revelation to those who flirt with death by chile pepper. There are many psychological works saying why normal people would put really hot peppers into their mouths. Despite demonstrating bravery to those nearby, some chile peppers give a feel-good endorphin jolt. That, plus the excessive sweating.

So now the brave know they can hedge their bet by having some milk or even ice cream nearby.

The report on quenching chili flames with milk comes from the New Mexico State University’s Chile Pepper Institute. There Paul Bosland, a professor, explained in an announcement that milk has a protein in it that replaces the capsaicin on the receptors on the tongue.

Capsaicin is what creates the burning, and it also is the active ingredient in personal safety pepper spray.

Of course, some may wish to avoid chile mouth by eating just green bell peppers that

The cubanelle or Cuban peppers are a  relatively mild variety.

The cubanelle or Cuban peppers are a
relatively mild variety.

have almost no ingredients that burn and rank near zero on the scoville heat units. Others may opt for the jalapeño and its dried manifestation, chipotle. These come in as hot as 8,000 heat units.

The famous habanero ranges from 100,000 to 350,000 heat units. So there better be some milk around.

Those pepper sprays can rate as high as 1 million scoville heat units.

Farmers in New Mexico plant more than 7,000 acres in peppers each year. The state also is where the famous chile pepper-producing Hatch Valley is located.

In Costa Rica some expats have been known to create sauces from chile peppers, and a few are close to rocket fuel.

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