More detained in Limón marijuana case

Anti-drug agents conducted 13 raids Wednesday and detained eight persons, including a police officer. Agents said they were rolling up the remains of a marijuana smuggling operation.

Two men identified as leaders of the ring were arrested again in their cells in prison.

Agents said that the ring brought in marijuana from Jamaica.

Investigators got a good lead on the ring April 9 when three men were detained by the Servicio Nacional de Guardacostas and 815 kilos of marijuana were confiscated. There also was a parallel money laundering investigation launched in March 2015, agents said.

The Ministerio de  Seguridad Pública said that the police officer provided information to the members of the smuggling operation.

One of the men arrested was being held before trial in San Sebastián on a murder allegation. The other leader, identified as a brother, already was serving a three–and-a-half-year sentence at the La Reforma prison complex in Alajuela, said the Poder Judicial.

The Fiscalía Adjunta contra la Delincuencia Organizada is handling the case.

Although there are vast tracts of marijuana growing wild in the province of Limón, the Jamaican imports are of a much higher quality, readers report.

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