Other view on police officers in U.S.

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

The comments on police Tuesday was in a reasonable, well-thought-out letter, but the writer forgot a few things:

1. Have you ever stood on the wrong side of a gun or assault rifle or someone banishing a machete?

2. Have you ever faced a person crazy on speed or another drug who wants to kill you?

3. Have you ever tried to reason with the unreasonable or separate feuding lovers?

4. Have you confronted a drug gang that has no qualms about killing you?

As for the militarized uniforms, it is well-established that uniforms equal authority. Try facing one of the above with a squirt gun and clown suit.

And, for cop speak or lack of association with civilians, cops associate with civilians every day. They see and talk to more in one day than we do in a week.

Finally, the reason police officers and their families associate with the same is that people like us cannot understand what it is like. Do you criticize doctors because they find it easier to talk shop with an associate rather than someone who fails to appreciate the help they give or the pressure they face when a mistake can cost a life?

Ken Beedle


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