Readers get chance to have their say

Few readers have expressed their presidential preference this year, and one theory is that expat voters are disgusted with all of the candidates.

One reader said privately that he was just going to hold his nose and vote for his candidate.

Still A.M. Costa Rica will be happy to publish letters about political choices, even though the statements might come back to haunt an expat in three years.

This political season there seems to be little chance of persuasion. Minds seem to be made up. But there is something to be said for standing up and making political views known in a democracy. Plus some readers might like to hear about the candidates from parties other than Republican and Democrat.

The U.S. general election is Nov. 8. As A.M. Costa Rica said in March, editors will publish preference letters through Friday, Oct. 14.  Then the newspaper will publish its opinion as the last word.

Readers can find plenty of information on how to vote absentee online. Ballots from individual counties also contains names for many more offices, and information about the candidates sometimes is mailed to registered voters here. Otherwise, an Internet search is required to make reasoned decision.

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