Romeo is really bunco with women victimized by revealing pictures

In less than a week judicial investigators have detained two men in separate cases in which women said money was extorted under the threat of posting revealing pictures.

Friday judicial agents detained a 31-year-old man who is accused of demanding payments twice monthly from a woman with whom he had an encounter two years ago. The man is accused of taping the encounter and then threatening to make the recording public unless he received $200 every 15 days, said the Judicial Investigating Organization.

Agents picked up the man when money changed hands Friday in La Sabana.

Agents detained another 31-year-old man Monday for about the same reasons. This time, agents said, the man met a woman via the Internet and said he was a photographer.

After an intimate photo shoot, the man threatened to post the photos of the woman unless he received payment, said agents.

Agents said they made the arrest after the woman delivered 160,000 colons, about   $293, at a San Pedro commercial center.

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