The holiday today centers on festivities in Nicoya

Today is the holiday that commemorates the 1824 decision by leaders in Guanacaste to join with Costa Rica and not Nicaragua.

So traditionally the central government renders gratitude to residents there by holding a presidential cabinet meeting in Nicoya and later by attending a municipal council meeting.

Those paying attention to the news must have been overwhelmed in recent days by all the good things that the central government has done for the province.

Those living in the Pacific coast province usually feel overlooked by officials in San José. So there is an outpouring every July of good news, projects and achievements by the government for Guanacaste. And some roads get fixed.

For those not in Guanacaste, today is a legal

There is no automation for this tortilla.

There is no automation for this tortilla.

holiday with obligatory pay. Many workers are finishing up a three-day weekend.

In Nicoya there still is a fiesta in progress, including the Festival de La Tortilla Palmeada in which local women compete to make tortillas by hand over an open fire.

Today is the last day at the Colegio Técnico Profesional de Corralillo in Nicoya. But there also are the usual trappings of Costa Rican fiestas with food, dancing and music.

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