The letter was a case of police bashing

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

I am amazed that your paper would stoop to printing a commentary solely on bashing the police in the U.S., especially since it is nothing but a complaint from a disgruntle American who judges police in total from watching his nightly news.  When this guy needs help, who does he call?  Would he put himself in harm’s way to protect anyone?  He mentions gun control and then goes right back to bashing the police.

I am totally in favor of making necessary changes to policing which place officers much more in touch with the public they serve.  I also agree that certain military hardware has little place in municipal police agencies. However, when snipers attack officers with weapons of war, how should they respond when they are normally carrying only a handgun?

This was a cheap attempt to condemn in total officers who put their lives on the line each and everyday to protect even people like the author of this trash article.  There are changes necessary in all professions including police agencies, however a blanket condemnation of the police at a time when they are becoming human target practice does little to improve the situation and only serves to polarize an already polarized society.

I am truly disappointed that you wasted so much space in your paper today for such a negative tirade on the people who serve others in general in a distinguished and selfless manner.

Gary E. Zavadil
San Ramón de Alajuela

Editor’s Note: Mr. Zavadil reports he is retired as a sergeant with the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department after  32 years in law enforcement.

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