Thermal project reviving forest, ICE says

The state power company said that its conservation efforts at the  Miravalles geothermalplant site have brought back to nearly 1,900 hectares land that had been intensively exploited by cattle-raising in the 1950.

The company has operated the geothermal power plant since 1994 in Bagaces, and its is reporting on its more than 20 years of stewardship.

The company said that it managed to increase the forest from just 297 hectares in 1984 to the current amount.

The forest has become repopulated with animals and pants now that cattle no longer graze there, said the company, the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad, known as ICE.

The company is expanding its geothermal electrical production so that the technique no longer is a novelty, and the facilities also tap solar generation.

This kitty probably is not very cuddly

This kitty probably is not very cuddly

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