Today is expected to be windy, too

One of the problems in letting trees die a  natural death is that they do so unexpectedly.

Winds Monday have brought down some trees and the falling limbs have taken out some electrical lines and transformers.

Costa Rican officials are strict on trees, and even those that are clearly weak usually are allowed to stand until gravity takes its toll. Getting a permit to cut a tree is difficult, and there is little maintenance of those on public rights-of-way.

One came down near the Hotel Palacio Monday in la Uruca, and it damaged two vehicles. The tree also caused traffic chaos because it blocked an exit route from the Circunvalación to the Autopista General Cañas

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional said that atmospheric instability on the Caribbean coast and in the northern zone was generating rain, too. The conditions are expected to continue today.

The rain sometimes is accompanied by strong winds, said the weather institute. The central and south Pacific also are likely to get rain today, and some was falling Monday night.

The weather institute warned of more slides and more possible damage to trees and electrical lines.

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