Troubled La Uruca-Heredia link is troubled again

There are many traffic trouble spots in the metro area. But the route from La Uruca into Heredia most certainly is cursed.

This is the stretch where workers are widening a bridge over the Río Virilla. Even in the best of times, the going is slow there. Sometimes the road is simply closed.

Then there was a break in a water main that flooded the highway and adjacent areas.

Then heavy rains slid tons of gravel, rocks and

Workers brought in heavy machinery to patch the highway

Workers brought in heavy machinery to patch the highway

other construction material from the bridge site into a nearby residential area.

Monday was the first day after the mid-year vacation. Traffic was bad anyway. Then the roadway caved in, thanks to a late morning rain.  A drainage pipe had collapsed.

Road officials did a temporary patch and opened the roadway again about 6 p.m. But hundreds of vehicles had been detoured into the byways that might lead to Heredia.

Trucks still can’t use the roadway because of the delicate nature of the repairs, said officials.

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