Troubled world has some thinking of pura vida

The possibility of terrorism attacks and the racial divide are causing some in the United States to look to other lands.

One Escazú landlord reported this week that he just rented apartments to newly arrived tenants who had these concerns.

Costa Rica, an island of peace in an otherwise tumultuous world, appears to be a good choice for some. And some Costa Ricans might be staying home for the holidays.

The business newspaper La República issued a request for readers to respond to an online survey Thursday hours after the latest terrorism attack in Nice, France. The survey addresses security in Europe and the feelings of Costa Ricans about traveling there.

Despite some negative internet postings about Costa Rica and violence, even the British government notes that there is  low threat of any terrorism here. And the scare about the zika virus has diminished because of citizen and government actions on the central Pacific coast.

The highly polarized presidential election in the United States also might result in some immigration to Costa Rica. That happened when George Bush won election, A few new U.S. arrivals then said they were fed up with the political scene.

Two presidential candidates, both with lots of personal baggage, represent a difficult choice for U.S. voters in November. Canadian officials already have hinted that some U.S. citizens are seeking residency there because of stateside politics.

Everyone remembers when conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh vowed to move to Costa Rica if the Obamacare health bill became law. It did, and he hasn’t done so, even though there are Web sites collecting money for his fare.

Now there is a Facebook page posed by a Bernie Sanders supporter titled “If Hillary Clinton becomes President, I’m moving to Costa Rica.”

Ivo Henfling of the American European Real Estate Group is not shy about capitalizing on the political split. He posted a long recommendation about Costa Rica for those who might move here if Donald Trump is elected.

One poster on the page said: “We moved to Costa Rica in March 2009, three months after Obama took office. This knife cuts both ways. When Trump wins we will happily sell our home to some unhappy Democrat.”

From a purely economic point of view, the recent weakening of the colon against the U.S. dollar is making foreign tourism here more attractive. The colon has declined about 2.2 percent in the last few months, and more erosion is likely as government officials scurry to pay foreign interest and petroleum bills denominated in dollars.

Although Costa Rica has its own racial divide, it is less pronounced than in the United States.

After all, skin color here comes in every shade.

A New York Times report in the wake of the Dallas, Texas, shootings said a poll showed
that optimism about race among U.S. blacks and whites has declined to its lowest level since 1992.

French police forces and forensic officers  stand next to a truck that ran into a crowd  in Nice, France, Thursday. Our international  report is HERE!

French police forces and forensic officers
stand next to a truck that ran into a crowd
in Nice, France, Thursday. Our international
report is HERE!

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