Trout is on the menu up on Cerro de la Muerte

Farmers who raise trout plan their fourth annual fair Saturday and Sunday in the heady altitude of Cerro de la Muerte.

The truchicultores, as they are called, will offer their fish, but there also will be other products from the area along with crafts and art work.

The government’s fishing agency reports that there are some 244 trout-raising operations in Costa Rica, and they product 800 tons of fish every year.

Most is exported to the United States.

About 150 of the operations offer tourist a chance to fish and catch their own dinner. Certainly farm-reared fish are not as feisty, pink and as tasty as a five-pound native trout plucked from the Las Animas River in Colorado, but there won’t be any bears around this weekend to dispute the catch.

The location of the fair is at Kilometer 60 of the  Interamericana Sur adjacent to the Macho Gaff police station. Hours are from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Cooks will be offering a variety of plates made from trout, said an announcement.

The fishing institute maintains a hatchery nearby in Ojo de Agua de Dota. There workers produce 800,000 fingerlings every year for the trout farmers.

Some fishermen report that they have found a lot of catch-and-release action in local streams, too.

Just add lemons and sliced almonds.

Just add lemons and sliced almonds.

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