An A.M. Costa Rica editorial: Costa Rica should not be a patsy for U.S. drug policy

We are suggesting that Costa Rica just say no to the war on drugs. And we renew our call to have the country legalize marijuana, cocaine and the related substances.

The last straw is the donations by the United States of aircraft, interceptor boats, coast guard stations, radar and similar gifts that will not help the average Costa Rican in any way. The sole purpose is to tighten up the surveillance of the oceans and highways to interdict drugs going north.

We concede that these substances are unhealthy and can lead to addiction. But so can Johnny Walker.

There is no reason for Costa Rica to continue to be a pawn of the United States and its failed drug policy. Obviously there is a big market for these drugs here and in the United States.

Police here are busy each day bagging smugglers and ripping the metal gates off the home of neighborhood drug dealers. Talk about
spinning your wheels. The ministry complains there are not enough cops and is pushing hard for yet another tax.

We wonder what the results would be of Monday morning drug tests of members of the U.S. Congress, Costa Rica’s legislature and even staffers at the U.S. Embassy here. We already know that the U.S. commander in chief is no marijuana virgin.

Marijuana would be a great cash crop for Costa Rica as U.S. states lower the drug barriers. And taxing marijuana and cocaine would go a long way to solving the national deficits of both countries.

And there is so much cocaine out there that if all of it reached the United States prices would fall dramatically and drug lords would be hitting the streets with tin cups.

Or maybe that is the concern.

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