Anti-drug efforts result in arrests on the high seas and in the countryside

There must be a large financial incentive to brave the high seas, U.S. eyes in the sky and the Servicio Nacional de Guardacostas in order to bring drugs into Costa Rica.

Once again, the Guardacostas intercepted what appears to be a shipment of marijuana from Jamaica. The agency said its crews fished 650 kilos of marijuana from the Caribbean off Limón.

The agency said it had help from the United States, whose crews most likely tracked a drug boat on the high seas. The Guardacostas said one crew chased a boat and captured three persons aboard. A second boat whose crew was believed to be involved, was beached and the occupants fled, said the Guardacostas.

Meanwhile, the Judicial Investigating Organization said its agents raided a property in Santiago de San Ramón where they found a man and a woman who are suspected of growing marijuana there. Agents said they confiscated 37 plants from what appeared to be a hydroponics operation.

A law officers snags another bag of marijuana.

A law officers snags another bag of marijuana.

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