Better education urged for native students

The  Defensoría de los Habitantes urged the government Tuesday to strengthen the education system for native peoples. The agency said that there are 14,857 students enrolled in schools characterized as native.

The statement came as part of the United Nation’s International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples.

Costa Rica as a system created in 2009 for educating native residents who live on reserves. The Defensoría said that the Ministerio de Educación Pública needs to work to eliminate the gap between native schools and schools in the rest of the country.

The Defensoría pointed out some specific problem and suggested that the state push literacy and try to involve residents regardless of age.

There also are pending allegations of discrimination. Residents of  Salitre are claiming that a teacher there, a  BriBri, has discriminated against local students of another ethnicity.

About 104,000 persons identify with one of the country’s native groups, but just 35 percent live on the established reserves, according to a census,said the Defensoría.

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