Dirty clothes make the gardener

Metric Man says we need a new washing machine with four wash cycles: delicate, normal, heavy duty and “Good Lord, What is THAT?” Since I am torleyheader062314not a meticulous gardener, that could be anything, but it’s probably just good old ground-in dirt.

On laundry day, look at a gardener’s clothes, and you know what kind of soil he has. Black stains mean good rich black soil. Red stains are from clay. Green is from weeding in the grass, and, if
you have to shake the pants before washing, it’s probably sandy soil. Those red spots? They are compliments of thorns on skin. And who’s kidding. Laundry day is just about every day.

That’s right, for us gardeners the old rhyme (and if you are not 60+ you won’t have heard it), “Monday, wash day” has absolutely no meaning. Nope, we just shower and plop those clothes right into the hamper – or right into the washing machine if they are also a bit wet. Can’t seem to garden without, a bit wet right now. Even if the sun was bright when you started out, chances are that you were a bit wet when you got back. The weather is that uncertain.

The other day, I must have had THAT on my gardening pants because even after washing they were still dark with grime and a bit stiff. When that happens, I do what any red-blooded gardener would do, I douse the grime with laundry soap, attack it with a scrub brush, and throw the pants back into the washer. They were still a bit brown when they came out, but the stiffness is gone.

The trouble with laundry in the rainy season is the electric bill. Yes, we hang things on the line on the deck and out of the rain (sounds a bit tacky, I know) but they still need time in the drier. Towels? As gangsters say, “fogehd aboud it.” They take forever, and we use a lot of towels.

I do have one really good tip about staying cleaner and it is great for the knees. Get yourself a yoga mat, cut it into nice wide strips and kneel on it while you are working. Saves the clothes and the knees and makes the laundry a little less nasty. Just rinse the mat strip when you are finished and use another one while it dries.

Oh, and try to get a nice bright color on that yoga mat. I keep losing mine.

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