Expats should brace for a string of strikes this week

The work week opens today with what is promised to be a massive strike by electrical and telecom workers.

Tuesday taxi drivers will be protesting all over the country, and there is the possibility of massive blockades.

Wednesday traffic police will hold a smaller protest for more officers and against letting officers go on patrol alone. Saturday night one traffic patrol car received fire in Naranjo.

Workers at the Instituto Costarricense Electricidad are members of the Asociacion Sindical de Empleados Industriales de las Comunicaciones. The union promises that 7,000 strikers will take to the streets today in Sabana Norte to march during the morning through San José Centro and then to Casa Presidencial in Zapote.

The union said members are upset by staff reductions and budget cuts made by the administration.

They are asking President Luis Guillermo Solís to intervene. The union promised that essential services will not be affected.

The taxi drivers can shut down the country Tuesday with parked or rolling blockades. The president already has vowed that free passage by citizens will be maintained.

The taxi drivers are angry at the continued presence of the unlicensed Uber ride service in the country and its direct competition. Solís

Workers at the state power and telecom company are not shy about protesting. This photo is from a previous one.

Workers at the state power and telecom company are not shy about protesting. This photo is from a previous one.

has called for more discussions with the taxi drivers.

There is a threat of violence. Police officials have intercepted some social media messages calling for confrontations with police and even suggestions of using firearms.

There was a shooting Saturday in Naranjo, and the bullet hit a traffic police patrol car, said the  Unión Nacional de Técnicos Profesionales del Tránsito. The union said that the traffic officer was seeking to break up a drag racing event. The union said that the lack of staff requires officers to patrol alone.

This protest is supposed to be on the Río Virilla bridge Wednesday afternoon.  The union said that protesters would stay out of the Autopista General Cañas roadway and restrict the protest to the pedestrian part of the bridge.

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