Here are 17 reasons not to vote for Trump

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:
My observations about Donald Trump, his campaign, and his characteristics are as follows:

1. He claims to be a great businessman, but he inherited a real estate empire from his father and got an additional $2 million from his father to make his own investments. Plus he lucked out by coming into real estate development during a period when the U.S. economy was booming.

2. He seems to be proud about how his bankruptcies have left the contractors with unpaid bills and the workers with unpaid wages.

3. He refuses to release his current income tax form, most likely because he knows the information will be embarrassing and will expose his rip-offs of the taxpayer. He first said that he could not release it while being audited, but now he is no longer being audited.

4. He criticizes U.S. companies that manufacture products overseas, but at least five of the products that he markets are manufactured in foreign countries, including México and China.

5. He raves about bringing jobs to U.S. citizens and immigrants taking away jobs, but he brought Polish workers into the country to build one of his hotels and currently employs workers who are not U.S. Citizens.

6. Another person wrote the entire book “The Art of the Deal” that Trump claims to have written, and that person states that writing the book was a major mistake, does not endorse Trump, and refers to Trump as a sociopath.

7. He claims to be patriotic, but he got two student deferments while in college and one medical deferment after college in order to stay out of the Vietnam war.

8. His campaign has been based on instilling fear and on character assassination with no detailed policy statements, and it is uncertain whether or not he would follow stated GOP policy statements or represent conservative Republican values.

9. He has no detailed plans for carrying-out any of the activities that he proposes, and has no idea of how such activities will be worked into the U.S. budget.

10. There is no way to understand his opinion on anything because he continually contradicts his own statements.

11. He is totally uninformed and uneducated with respect to foreign affairs. When questioned, he did not know who the Kurds are and did not know the difference between Sunni and Shia Muslims. In the speech that he claimed addressed foreign affairs, he contradicted himself seven times.

12. He espouses the U.S. Constitution, but many of his stated intentions go against the Constitution. It is likely that he has never read the Constitution in its entirety, and it is likely that he cannot quote the Second Amendment or any other amendment that he advocates.

13. He has an extremely narcissistic mental condition that is likely to affect all of his decisions and could be disastrous to the U.S. foreign relations.

14. He claims to be religious, but is not an active member of any religion and cannot state a verse from the Bible correctly even though he said that the Bible is his favorite book.

15. He likes to draw attention to his current wife, but has nothing to say about his two former wives.

16.  He claims to be educated when referring to his college degree specializing in real estate.

17.  He often has difficulty completing a sentence that is grammatically correct, has a very limited vocabulary and is so unfocused that he often drifts to a completely unrelated topic in the middle of a statement. In one statement he invented a word that he pronounced as “bigly” when he tried to describe something as being “enormous” or “colossal.”

If a U.S, citizen has reasons to dislike both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, but looks at her/his vote as being for the lesser of two evils, how would that person rationalize a vote for Trump in view of the above observations? If a U.S. citizen decides not to vote or to vote for the Libertarian or other party as a protest, will that person be content knowing that either Donald Trump of Hillary Clinton will be their next president?

Armond T. Joyce
Llorente de Tibás
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