Ministry says zika cases reach 708

The health ministry now is reporting 708 confirmed cases of the zika virus, up from 521 the week before. Garabito and the community of Jacó still lead the totals with 147 cases and with eight new ones in the last two weeks.

Puntarenas Centro with 10 new cases ranks second with a total of  78. It is followed by Orotina with 77 of which 16 are listed as new. Esparza and Santa Cruz both have 13 new cases added to the 66 in Esparza and 60 in Santa Cruz. Quepos with 39 total cases did not show any new ones in the last two weeks. Limón added 12 to its previous total of 21.

The Ministerio de Salud said that both chikungunya and dengue infections appear to be tapering off. They are in the thousands.

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