Most zika cases still found on Pacific coast

Reported zika cases in Costa Rica have reached 351, according to a weekly bulletin put out Wednesday by the Ministerio de Salud.

Garabito and its community of Jacó continue to lead with 119 cases. The canton with the next highest amount is Quepos with 35 reported cases.

The ministry said that 15 pregnant women had been diagnosed with zika, but so far there have been no complications from the disease. Three woman already have given birth, and there was one miscarriage unrelated to zika, the report said.

Except for a pocket of 10 cases on the Caribbean coast, the bulk of the reported zika cases are along the Pacific. San José has 10 reported cases.

Here are the top cantons and the number of cases: Orotina (27), Santa Cruz (22), Puntarenas (20), Carrillo (16) Nicoya (14), Parrita (12) and Esparza (10).

Researchers point out that 80 percent of those who are infected by zika have no symptoms, so the number of actual cases is much larger.

Residents along the coast have been able to keep the number of cases lower by eliminating breeding spots for mosquitoes and spraying.

The ministry reported Wednesday that health workers visited 429,942 homes since the beginning of the outbreak. They reported finding more than 25,000 receptacles with mosquito eggs or larvae.

Based on the statistics provided Wednesday, the number of new cases seems to be diminishing.

Compared to zika, the number of other mosquito-born diseases is much greater.

There are 1,754 reported cases of chikungunya this year and 11,484 cases of dengue, said the ministry.

By comparison, there are 623 dengue cases in the Jacó area and 606 cases of  chikungunya. These diseases also seem to have peaked.

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