Ousted lawyers get police assistance

Rebelling lawyers forgot to put their board of directors on a plane to Miami. That is the usual procedure for overthrowing a Latin government.

So the ousted parties, also lawyers, did the closest thing to calling on the military. They went to the Sala IV and received legal relief and a promise of police.

The constitutional court ruled that the Fuerza Pública appear at the Colegio de Abogados so that the ousted board members, elected in December, can be seated for the next meeting.

The decision was pretty speedy. The lawyers appealed Thursday, and the decision was announced Wednesday. But magistrates are lawyers, too.

There were no tanks or even machetes at the last general meeting of lawyers. But the gathering, upset over how pensions were being handled, installed a new board of directors. Local Spanish-language newspapers called this a golpe de estado, the term for a coup d’état. There were tapes of the meeting that showed no violence but plenty of shouting in the colegio auditorium that was filled to capacity.

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