Police detain migrants in the north and south of the country

Migrants continue to cause problems.

The Fuerza Pública  said it detained 15 foreigners who blocked a northern border crossing into Nicaragua. The individuals of uncertain nationality were protesting problems getting across the border. The  Fuerza Pública said the individuals thought that Costa Rica was blocking them when, in fact, it is Nicaragua that is not permitting migrants to enter the country without a visa.

In the south in the canton of Goflito  Fuerza Pública stopped 15 Cuban migrants who had managed to evade border controls and had entered from Panamá.

There weree three families consisting of 10 adults and five children who were trying to evade the police checkpoint at Kilometer 35 of theInteramericana Norte at    Guaycará de Golfito. The individual were found on what was described as the old railway line, which is a route favored by smugglers for ducking police. Police said the 15 were returned to Panamá.

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