Police return for a new sweep in Playas del Coco

Fuerza Pública officers closed down four bars in Playas del Coco and issued warnings to the operators of three others during a sweep Saturday night.

Officers said they suspected drug sales, operations outside of legal hours and problems with liquor licenses.

Police also paid surprise visits to the Guanacaste communities of Belén, Playa Hermosa and Santa Cruz.Police said they checked out 210 persons and dozens of vehicles. They managed to confiscate 10 baggies of marijuana and an additional 14 grams of the same substance. In addition they said they found some cocaine.

Police have been conducting periodic sweeps in Playas del Coco since a visiting Escazú man died at the hands of a mob there in February. Officials from the Municipalidad de Carrillo also participated in the sweep.

Officials seal one Playas del Coco bar

Officials seal one Playas del Coco bar

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