Promerica will operate a new college here

Fast food firms do it, and so do clothing and footwear brands. So Texas Tech University has announced that it basically is awarding Promerica Group a franchise to offer bachelor degree and certificates here in the name of the university.

The new college will be completely self-sustaining and self-supported through revenue generated by student enrollment and revenues collected from Promerica Group, which the Lubbock, Texas, school said was a highly reputable multinational conglomerate of companies operating throughout Central and Latin America.

Promerica runs a bank here by that name and owns banks in other Latin countries.

The new college is subject to approval by the  Southern Association of Colleges and Schools’ Commission on Colleges. The proposal is to offer bachelor degrees in electrical engineering, industrial engineering, computer science, mathematics and restaurant, hotel and institutional management. Also proposed is an undergrad certificate in restaurant and hotel management and a graduate certificate in business, said the university.

Courses will be offered in English. Although the Texas university called the proposed Costa Rican institution a university, there does not seem to be any plans to offer graduate degrees yet.

“This collaboration with our partners in Costa Rica will increase access to a Texas Tech education for students in Costa Rica and Central America. This project also supports the internationalization efforts at Texas Tech and advances our reputation and competitive position by preparing our graduates to live and work in different cultures,” Texas Tech President Lawrence Schovanec said. “Beyond the educational programs offered at Texas Tech University Costa Rica, there will be opportunities for our students and faculty to engage in international partnership and internships, research and study abroad.”

The university said that the decision to place the Texas Tech campus in Costa Rica was not arbitrary. The country’s strategic location allows it to be a gateway to the rest of Latin America, yet still be easily reached from Texas, it said, adding that as the oldest democracy in the region, Costa Rica shares a cultural affinity with the United States as well as a tradition of stability.

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