Rail service predicted to be normal today after strike

Anyone seeking a ride on the valley train or the Heredia route had a long wait Tuesday.

State railway employees made good on their promise to strike.

They used the change of an employer on their contract as a reason to seek more money.

Casa Presidencial said that the trains were supposed to run normally today.

The persons who drive the trains and those who provide support services became employees of Desmantelamiento de la Catenaria S.A. as of Tuesday.  The firm was one of three that were selected by the Instituto Costarricense de Ferrocarriles in a hurry-up, no-bid procedure.

The contract is supposed to be for about three months during which time the work will be put out for formal bids.

The temporary nature of the situation did not stop the employees from leaving thousands of commuters stranded. There also was the expected spike in motor traffic.

Desmantelamiento de la Catenaria agreed to conduct a study to make an appropriate increase in employee salaries. The additional amount will be passed on to the state rail company, said Casa Presidencial. There also were some matters of expenses that were resolved in favor of the employees.

Rail officials tried to head off the strike with a 4 a.m. meeting Tuesday, but reaching an agreement took much of the day.

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