Sex harassment campaign mocked

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

Pass yet another law that says a man cannot be allowed to look at a woman unless she signs a legal document with a lawyer that is kept on file at the lawyer’s office.  The man, of course, would be the one that pays the lawyer bill for this service.  Her granting permission to allow a man to gaze upon her lovely form (?) must be a matter of legal record.

That should make the lawyer colegio in Costa Rica quite happy and go a long way towards achieving the zero population growth that the planet truly needs to bring a better balance in terms of resources every individual requires.

Lesbians on the prowl would be exempt from this legal requirement, of course, as they are a core element of the new social order that is smiled upon by the new enlightened generation.

Come to think of it, why not ban testosterone unless it is used for injections by manly girls, a growing practice I am told.

Do the job right.

James Harrison
El Paso, Texas

Editor’s note; Mr. Harrison is responding to this news story.

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