Taxista’s temper gets him in trouble

To say licensed taxi drivers are unhappy with the Uber ride service is an understatement. There have been shouts, objects thrown at Uber vehicles and, of course, the taxi driver blockades that have paralyzed the Central Valley.

An example of taxi driver anger ended up being taped near Hospital Calderón Guardia Tuesday.  Local television stations aired the video.

A licensed taxi driver got out of his vehicle and approached the driver door of the Uber car. There were words and the taxi driver pulled open the door. The Uber driver told police he thought the man had a firearm.

Most taxi drivers carry some kind of weapon for self-protection and police said they found a pistol when they stopped the man several blocks away.

The Uber driver was going to file a complaint. And the taxi driver at least faces a charge of carrying a handgun.

Public officials have been unable to handle the arrival of Uber, although there are some pending Sala IV constitutional court cases. Taxi drivers have substantial investments in their businesses, and they say Uber is providing unfair competition.

An organization of taxi drivers plans to come out with a smartphone app that duplicates that used by Uber. They also plan to route payments electronically from the customer to their accounts, something Uber does now.

Motorcycle patrolmen stop the licensed taxi driver

Motorcycle patrolmen stop the licensed taxi driver

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