Truckers are unhappy with internal competition from foreign drivers

Truckers are upset because foreign drivers are transporting loads within Costa Rica.

That is one of the complaints truck operators brought to Casa Presidencial Friday in a rolling protest.

Like many other illegal activities, the central government does not seem to be able to execute the laws. The local truckers said they have no problem with foreigners bringing loads into and out of the country.

But, clearly, foreign truckers do not have the right to work internally in Costa Rica, they note.

Executive branch personnel have been meeting with the truckers and the Asociación Nacional de Empleados Públicos y Privados on this and other issues for months. The truckers also are upset by the long lines at border crossings caused by slow clearance at customs, they said.

Casa Presidencial said that there have been advances in the speed of customs clearances at the borders and the development of a system for payment of fines by foreign truckers who are ticketed for infractions in Costa Rica.

The truckers have been voicing complaints since June, and the government said that there have been 24 meetings on the topics.
There also was a meeting with trucking leaders Friday morning after a parade of rigs showed up outside Casa Presidencial.

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