U.S. saw more than one internal conflict

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

It really struck me as odd that Bob Piazza would state that the U.S.A. has only had one armed conflict in its own country. He compared this with the history of Europe.  This prompted me to look that up since I was sure I could think of three right off the bat, and I am not from the U.S.A.

This led me to the site  history guy.com.  After reading the list of armed conflicts the U.S.A. has been involved in on its own soil and its neighbors it is definitely more than one.

The world does look at the U.S.A. as a military power, but that power is to look after their own interests in the conflicted region.

Saying that, your political broadcasts are like watching a soap opera unfold. It seems to take the whole four years between elections to get the next one started. It is like the U.S.A. is obsessed with government. I just wish it didn’t mess up my TV shows.

P. Fraser


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