What did we do to deserve this?

What an election.

If Hillary Clinton becomes president she might have some trouble finding ambassadors.

And the presidential race is far more important for her. If Donald Trump loses, he will just go back to being a billionaire living with the lovely Melania. If Mrs. Clinton loses, she probably will go to jail.

Of course if she is president, she can pardon herself and Bill, and probably Barack Obama for his Social Security card caper.

Trump presents an interesting case. Why would he ever want to become president, except as an exercise in ego. We know he at least gets the vote of the White House staff. The last thing they want is to get Hillary back. Ditto Secret Service.

Tom Kaine did a good job mixing Spanish with his speech Wednesday night. But we fear that after four years as vice president he will be using another: bruja.

You have to give Mrs. Clinton credit, however, for her strength of will. Any other person who was read out so strongly by the FBI director would have gone home and fallen on a sword.

If Trump wins, he will have to tap into his extended family to fill all the cabinet spots.  And he will have to get a new dry cleaner in Washington to handle his hair. And it won’t be long before he comes out with a line of White House products with his photo on the label. But first he will need an atlas and a high school history book.

A lot of folks say they will leave the U.S. and come to Costa Rica if their candidate fails to win in November. Have they studied the politics here?

Many accuse Trump of being egocentric. The problem is that the entire political system appears to be going that way. Voters seem to be influenced by what they seek to gain instead of the common good. That attitude is very prevalent in Latin America where the family comes first and the heck with the rest.

And then there is the problem with the dumb. YouTube is full of videos showing voters young and old being stumped by the simplest political and historical questions. Shouldn’t voters at least have to know that World War I came before World War II?

But then again, politicians of both parties like dumb voters.

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