World surfing event draws a crowd of supporters to Jacó

There are 26 national teams that began competition Sunday at the World Surfing Games in Jacó, said the sponsor, the International Surfing Association.

The field of 96 men completed a marathon day of 24 heats in tricky, two- to four-foot surf with thousands of spectators present to witness the world-class competition and support their nations, said the association.

The four male surfers from Costa Rica survived the first round heat, the association said.

The Federación de Surf de Costa Rica estimated the crowd at 30,000. The federation said that Anthony Fillingim, Carlos Muñoz, Noe Mar McGonagle and Tomás King had no trouble in the first round. Costa Rica is the defending world champion.

The two Costa Rican women competitors begin their efforts today, said the federation.

The beach was crowded with enthusiastic surfing fans.

The beach was crowded with enthusiastic surfing fans.

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