Action expected to expedite taking land

A bill to speed up the completion for public works was unanimously approved in committee and is ready to be voted on the floor of the Costa Rican legislature.

This particular piece of legislation seeks to reform some of the articles within the expropriation law to cut through bureaucratic red tape and avoid the interruption of progress on public work projects in the country. This bill will also modify the notification law so that persons can be notified directly and avoid the possible problems or delays associated with trying to locate the people. In short, it seeks to expedite the process by which public works are constructed in Costa Rica.

In this way, proponents of the legislation hope that the state would be able to more quickly obtain the land necessary for road infrastructure projects. The Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes readily voiced its support for the bill and the legal affairs committee that has been examining it since August 2016 unanimously passed it Wednesday. It will now go to the legislative assembly for vote.

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