Raids net shooting suspects in La Carpio

Judicial agents conducted at least seven raids early Wednesday morning in the La Carpio area of Uruca to capture two minors and five adults.

The group is suspected of attempted murder, murder, aggravated robbery, aggravated threats and property damage among other charges, according to the Judicial Investigating Organization. The catalyst for this raid was over an incident that occurred this past December near the fourth bus stop at La Carpio.

According to the official report, a 16-year old boy got into a verbal dispute at a party with an apparent known gang member. The minor decided to leave for his house half a block away, the agency said.

Shortly after midnight, individuals arrived outside the boy’s house and began throwing stones and insults. The residents, including the minor, went out to confront the group. That is when one man stabbed the boy in the left hand, according to the report. When the victim’s relatives left the house on their way to Hospital México where the victim was transferred, the gang intercepted them.

Another victim, the uncle of the minor, was shot five times and died in the hospital, according to the agency.

The suspects were arrested following raids on their homes at 4 a.m. Agents said they found a .38-caliber pistol, which will be submitted for tests.

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