The circus looks for some new performers

The circus is in town, except this time, not only is it putting on a show for people, but it is also offering some training in the job as well.

The Parque La Libertad has been organizing the Encuentro Centroamericano de Circo y Arte Social that has recruited participants from all over Costa Rica and even some from Puerto Rico and Germany. The Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud believes that the performances’ popularity is evident in the positive impact it has for certain at-risk people, many of whom live around the park.

“It is important to get down from the stage, to go to the communities, to bring the performing arts closer to the people and to use them to generate talent in young people,” Dora Sequeira, the executive director for the park, said.

To that end, the park organizers certified trainers of the Cirque du Monde, which is a program of the famous Cirque du Soleil, to give three days of training so that the skills and prep work required for a good performance could be done locally. According to the ministry, 15 artists and social workers participated in the sessions these past weeks.

A flurry of conferences, workshops, and artistic presentations have been and will continue to take place until Sunday at the Auditorio La Libertad. All activities are free and open to the public, organizers said, but space is limited. To make reservations, one needs to contact the members of the Parque La Libertad.

The park is located in Desamparados.

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