Arrests at Panamá border checkpoint

Border police near Paso Canoas arrested three foreign nationals for attempting to smuggle money into the country by hiding it among the seats of the vehicle.

At the checkpoint for the Panamá-Costa Rica border, colloquially known as kilometer 35, the Policía de Fronteras seized about 6,580,000 colons, or around $12,000, close to dawn on Monday. The driver and passengers, two of whom are Colombian nationals, claimed that the money is going towards a business in Tárcoles, Puntarenas, according to police.

Nevertheless, the Policía de Control Fiscal confiscated both money and other items found for undeclared money, according to a preliminary report. The maximum amount of money that a person can bring in to Costa Rica without declaration is $10,000. Preliminary reports do not explain why the multiple sports drinks pictured as police evidence were also confiscated as well.

In a separate incident, a pickup truck was apparently specially designed to smuggle liquor. The truck, however, was confiscated Monday night by border police in Guaycará de Golfito, in the southern area of the country.

The car was redesigned in its engine and its chassis. It also had a secret compartment, according to a report.

The secret compartment was full of liquor, and the engine was also covered with cartons and bottles. The total amount of bottles was 251 and it is valued at $4,000, according to police.

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