Deadline to pay the annual pesky tax is today

The annual pesky tax deadline is today. The tax really is called the Timbre de Educación y Cultura, but the amount is so small and so easy to forget that the levy has been dubbed pesky.

The tax is just for corporations and corporation-like entities, not for individuals. The amount ranges from a mere 750 colons to 9,000 colons, depending on net capital. Most expats just pay the 9,000 colons rather than figure out what net capital is.

The tax is due every March 31, and like other taxes, the Dirección General de Tributación sends out no notices to individuals. But there was a notice posted on the Ministerio de Hacienda website.

Although the amount is small, non-payment can generate fines and interest far in excess of the tax itself.

Desamparados accountant Kevin Chavarría Obando said he advises his clients to pay the tax online from a bank account. Otherwise, those making the payment have to use the ministry’s complex online EDDI-7 program. There is a line under the bank menu for Pagos de servicios públicos for the Ministerio de Hacienda and eventually the  Educación y Cultura stamp.

Today is also the day when the first partial payment of income tax for the current fiscal year should be made by those managers of corporations that generate profits, according to the ministry.

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