Four more traffic policemen arrested

The Judicial Investigation Organization announced Thursday the arrest of four more traffic policeman as suspects in crimes of abuse of authority and failure to carry out their duties.

One of the officers was arrested at his home in Heredia, another at the workplace in Atenas, the third in Peréz Zeledón, and the fourth in Barrio La Cruz, in San José.

According to the investigation, the four suspects arrived to a traffic accident on Jun. 14, 2015, in San José around 5 p.m.

There, the driver of a vehicle that crashed against a wall was in apparent drunkenness, according to eyewitness accounts, and traffic officials took him into custody. However, investigators allege that they filed a report with a negative result of alcohol tests.

“I am not aware of the incident you ask me about,” said Sonia Monge, sub-director of Policía de Tránsito. “However I can tell you that no special anti-corruption program is being implemented other than the regular ethical training of the officers,” she said.

Also on Monday, two traffic police officers were also arrested on suspicions of breach of duty.

According to a preliminary report, on Jan. 29, 2016, both officers arrived to the scene of a traffic accident in Tibás. It occurred that one of the cars involved did not have an insurance policy and thus required the issuance of a ticket.

The report alleges that the suspects allowed the owner to purchase a policy in order to cover the cost of the accident. Judicial agents received a confidential tip of this incident and arrested the two officers involved near Plaza Víquez, in San José.

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